The Powerful Energy of Self-Love

You know how when you love someone, you would do anything for them and sometimes even cross your own boundaries, just to see a smile on their face? Well, it often turns out that people are more attracted to someone who is strong enough to say no once in a while. And by saying no, I don’t mean saying it in a rude or unfriendly way, but to clearly show, that no matter how much you care about everybody else, you still respect yourself and your limits.

People often tend to go to unhealthy depths of relationships, because they think if they would do anything someone asks them to, that person will love them more, appreciate them more….but what they keep forgetting is that respect is as important for a healthy relationship, as is love.

Can you relate to the written? I believe there are many people who are not very good at saying no. It really makes me wonder why it’s like that. Are we really so afraid to not be loved that we would do anything to get the attention? Is there no space for self-worth?

It may sound cliché, but loving yourself first definitely increases your chance of others being attracted to that self-respect and power that such person radiates. We often forget that people are the same on the inside. We are not robots, we are made of flesh and bone, and our hearts are not made of ice. We must always be aware that everybody radiates energy, and that you can always feel if someone is feeling bad, happy, sad, powerful, positive or negative. By taking your place in this world, by standing up for yourself and by being kind to others at the same time, I am sure you will have no problem being loved by someone.

Be aware that I am not talking about the egoistic stand, where you only think about yourself and always manipulate with people, to do what you want them to do. But with having pure intentions and wishing everybody to reach their highest potential, you can truly shine. And what is more attractive than a happy, successful person, living his calling? If you are satisfied with yourself, you can also support others. You can be an inspiration to someone. You can unknowingly help someone who looks up to you, because they are attracted to your energy. And you see, you don’t have to do anything but be yourself. No need for sacrifices you would do and by that put your true self down. No need for unpleasant situations where you are on the loss, for someone else to gain. That’s not how this world should function.

So be kind to yourself and to others. Remind yourself often that you are worthy of love and there is nothing that can change that. The warrior inside you is always supporting you and when you are in touch with that side of yourself, others will also be attracted to that energy. Shine.

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Maja Horvat

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