our partner purpleplanet

purpleplanet is a small team of web experts, who put their heads together to discuss and decide how to best help the Suspended Coffees cause.

why purpleplanet decided to help Suspended Coffees

An act of kindness results in more kindness

purpleplanet is a part of the new wave of entrepreneurs who put generating value for others at the heart of their business and align wealth creation with improving the quality of life of people and the world in general. An opportunity to work on a project that is inspiring and challenging at the same time, and has the potential to make an impact on a larger scale, was purpleplanet’s main motivation!

Suspended Coffees' values match purpleplanet’s values


Meaning doesn’t come from what you get, it comes from what you give, and the whole purpleplanet team was honoured with the opportunity to give back by working on this project.

rebranding and the website creation process



The whole team was very excited with the idea to join the Suspended Coffees movement and offer their skills to spread love, hope, and kindness. Everyone wanted to be a part of this journey; the creative team voted for a complete rebranding, developers wanted to help with better website functionality and online marketers had many ideas on how to better optimise content for search engines, and improve promotional activities in all channels.



The core of the rebranding process was designing a new logo and choosing the right colour palette. purpleplanet’s focus was to make sure the new logo accurately reflects the brand values and conveys emotions of kindness and compassion. The choice of colour palette helped with the overall website design and determining the tone of voice.



When starting with any website design project, purpleplanet’s main focus is to tailor all elements to fit the client’s goals and their target audience. Suspended Coffees’ main website goals were to tell their story and to get more people inspired to join the movement by buying suspended coffees, listing a café, giving direct donations, or volunteering through content creation. purpleplanet managed to fulfill these goals through a custom-designed interface, usage of multimedia, colours, and graphics.



The development process is all about bringing beautiful design to life and making it functional for both content creators in the backend and website visitors in the frontend. purpleplanet utilised one of the most popular CMS systems in the world - WordPress - to create a pixel-perfect, search engine friendly, and responsive website that is easy to use and will make the difference in how the Suspended Coffees cause is presented, and how many lives they can potentially change!

how Suspended Coffees feels about this partnership


Shannon, CEO, Suspended Coffees

Working with Matt and his team has been an amazing experience. Their knowledge, talent, and skills are incredible. They designed our website in what seemed like record time, and the end result was phenomenal. Not only did they produce a fabulous site, design a fantastic new logo and give us a whole new look, but they were an absolute dream to work with.

They were patient and kind throughout the whole process, which is pretty impressive considering I was completely in the dark about what we wanted/needed for our organization. I can’t say enough great things about purpleplanet!

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