Roll for the Soul, Bristol UK

A non-profit bike cafe in Bristol, serving vegetarian and vegan food, and offering a full range of repairs and servicing in the workshop, as well as bike hire.

Despite its formidable hills, on two wheels is considered one of the best ways to get around Bristol, a vibrant historical city in the south west of England. Whether they’re commuting, training or simply out for fun, cyclists flood the city. Seeing this, Roll for the Soul set out to create a social hub for the cycling masses whose growing community needed a focal point and space. As both a bike workshop and a café, Roll for the Soul brings locals and the far-travelled together by common interests not just in bikes but music, food, coffee, arts and what they see as the ‘DIY culture’ of a creative city and people.

As a community interest company, the café prioritises people over profit; its doors are always open to the rough sleepers around the area, for whom a Suspended Coffee is the gateway gesture into this community. Music venues, workshops and cafes can be daunting and inaccessible places for those with little or no money but Roll for the Soul have encompassed a space for all of this in a way that does not marginalise; events are run purely for the love and joy of them, making art not money.

The café serves a delicious vegetarian menu sourced as locally and organically as possible, and uses Clifton Coffee, Bristol’s proudly home-roasted beans. The kitchen serves a regular menu of favourites including hearty wraps and the classic Soul burger, as well as seasonal specials which change on a daily basis.

Roll for the Soul really know and have listened to their community, first fixing the need for a common space for cyclists, and then developing this into a creative community hub of its own. So grab a friend, roll on in*, get some coffee (and maybe suspend another), and be welcomed into this unique space to see for yourself what they’re all about.

*by bike is thoroughly recommended

Take a look at Roll for the Soul’s website
Visit them at 2 Quay Street, Bristol, BS1 2JL, UK

Feature by Chloe Altman ~ Blog Manager