Leaving Behind My Skepticism

When I see someone who is on the street and down on their luck I have such conflicting emotions. I want to look at them, make eye contact and smile so they know that I’m happy to see them but on the other hand I worry that they will think I’m rudely staring at them. Why am I like this? What I want is to have the reaction of an innocent child – where they don’t see anything other than someone who is different, just like someone with a different hair or eye color.

But I have too may years behind me for innocence. I’ve seen too many news reports about people who make a living by begging at the corners of major intersections. Even though I know that there are many more people who really need help than there are fakes, I tend to look at everyone with that jaded eye. I don’t want to and I try very hard not to but I can’t seem to completely leave it behind. I believe that this is one of the reasons I like the idea of Suspended Coffees so much. It’s anonymous giving. ~ CynDe