KindnessU Teaches Children How to Show Kindness

“Marni Rivera is the Strongest Woman I Know.”  This was the simple headline on the blog message I received.  To be fair, it wasn’t attention grabbing, but who the heck is Marni Rivera?  I opened it and read about this woman who inspires kindness.  I needed more information so I followed the link to her website,  On her page, I read the story of the difficult times that she had to endure.  Then I read about what she has done.

Kids from KindnessU
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KindnessU works to inspire young people to take action and create social change through kindness.  At Suspended Coffees, we hope to inspire acts of kindness and generosity.  Sometimes it can take a lot to inspire the kind of change in a person who has spent their life in a society that can stifle the empathy and compassion that we see in so many of our followers every day.  If not, organizations like ours wouldn’t be needed.  Marni and KindnessU are working to fight that problem at the source.  Her organization focuses on getting through to young men and women with the message that creating positive change and showing compassion and empathy is the right way.


One of the best acts of kindness is to teach your children to be kind.  We all want the next generation to be better than ours.  Working with organizations like KindnessU is a step in the right direction.  Check them out at

Special thanks to Tori for bringing Marni and KindnessU to our attention.