I want to inspire kindness

Hi my name is John and I’m the founder of the suspended coffees movement. I was in London on December the 19th 2014 where I gained my accreditation in coaching and become a official certified coach.

I saw this board in Borough market, which asked people what they wanted to do before they die.

I decided to conduct a social experiment and see if people would believe in our cause, without seeing the people whom would benefit from it. I wrote “I want to inspire kindness”.

With the help of my awesome friend Bengie, we asked people to help us out, by donating a piece of fruit or even a warm drink to our pledge.

I’m proud to say, before we were asked to leave by the market inspector (Who wished us well) over 30 people in 30 minutes helped us fill ten bags full of fruit and bread, that we then gave out to some people who were down on their luck. The incredible people of London helped me share the power of kindness, and hopefully this will inspire kindness in others.

One of the lady’s we gave a bag of fruit, and bread to broke down crying when I passed the bag to her. She asked me why I did such a kind deed and I just said why not? and wished her a wonderful day.

Please share some kindness and our story. 🙂


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