How One Man’s Kindness Is Changing The World


I’d like to tell you about the kindness of one man.  This amazing gentleman’s name is Daljeet Singh.  He is a mentor, coach, author, and international business speaker who has helped change the lives of countless people from all over the world.  More importantly, he is an incredibly caring and kind-hearted human being.

Almost four months ago, Dalj came into my life and offered to help me with my vision for Suspended Coffees, as well as my own personal life.  As a coach, he helped me find answers to many questions I’ve always had.  But, he also did something incredible; he gave me something I’ve never had before… belief.  He believed in me from the beginning, and one of the first things he did was a very kind and selfless act of pure generosity.

My wife, who had a serious operation on her ankle and had only just left hospital, needed a pair of shoes that would support her ankle.  At the time, we were struggling to put food on the table, and we couldn’t afford them.  During one of our coaching sessions, this came out.  Dalj asked for my address and said he wanted to send me his life changing book on how to find one’s purpose in life. (you can get your copy at Along with the book, he also sent enough money to buy my wife three pairs of shoes to aid in her recovery.  It totally blew my mind that someone I’ve never met and had only spoken with a few times shared such a kind act.  The words he said to me were, “Soon you’ll believe in yourself, and you’ll see the potential of what you’re doing, and you’ll be able to buy a pair of shoes for someone else.”

Over the last few months, Dalj has continued to mentor and coach me, free of charge, as his gift to me and Suspended Coffees.  I consider him more than a mentor and coach now.  I consider him a true friend.  I was blessed to finally meet him in London last week, where the two of us visited the Sikh temple he attends, had something to eat (everyone is welcome to eat, no matter who you are).  We also volunteered some of our time to wash dishes, as well as donating some flour, which will go towards the bread they make and serve at mealtime, which feeds anyone and everyone in need.

When I came home, I noticed his Facebook page didn’t have many followers.  It struck me that he’s the type of person you might never hear of, but he’s exactly the type of person that changes lives.  He’s changed the lives of everyone he touches.  He’s changed my life, and in turn, has changed the lives of everyone that reads this, everyone that supports Suspended Coffees, and the thousands of ripples of kindness our movement creates.  While he was not the first person to believe in me and my vision, he was the first person who was able to help me focus and get to the root of it.  He has helped guide me in ways that have impacted not only me and my family, but also the entire organization, and for that, I thank you, my friend.

Please help me pay it forward by liking his page and thanking him for everything he’s done.

You can also find his life changeing book here


Kind regards,