A Tale Of Canine Kindness

We all know what it’s like……… when we come home from a long day, exhausted, often miserable or feeling mentally tired and despondent you just want a break don’t you? I know that I do.
Just someone or something to let you know how good life can, and should, be.

So here’s a thought that may just disperse a bit of the day to day doom and gloom for you.
For those of us lucky enough to have a pet, we also know what it’s like………

when we open the front door and are greeted by the most beautiful eyes we’ve ever seen, staring at us with undiluted love, adoration and a selfless need to please.
No I’m not talking about our other half, though that’s also pleasant,
I’m talking about our, in this case, dog.

Dogs are amazing animals. They are healing and trusting, placing the emphasis to open emotionally squarely upon our shoulders. That wag of their tail, the naughty jump with their comical tongue hanging out, dripping saliva to our (ah it needs a clean anyway) floor, all can bring us a warmth of spirit in a way that nothing else can.

Why though? What makes a dog so fantastically adept at allowing us to feel loved?

In short, it’s purity.

A dog’s love is, unlike most people I’ve encountered in almost 40 years of breathing within this often cold and grey existence, truly unconditional. A lot of people say that their love for someone is unconditional but I’ve found that to be an untruth in most cases.

Like all animals, humans and dogs alike, we have a few basic needs.
Food is an obvious one but warmth, a feeling of safety and one of the most important of all, love. That love can manifest itself in many ways but touch is a huge thing for us all. We all know how wonderful a cuddle can be, just being held, fingers lightly tracing an invisible pattern down a bare forearm and the resulting wave of warming, tingling internal satisfaction that results.
It’s like that when a dog nuzzles it’s head into your side, the feeling of another heart beat that understands, loves, perhaps even forgives you for your real or imagined failings.

So what is it we can learn from our pets and indeed from animals in general?

We can learn to give, freely and without motive, our compassion, understanding and our love.
It may often be a hard thing to do but when we are able to open ourselves in this way we pave the way for our days to be brighter, happier and calmer.
A dog doesn’t give itself for gain (okay maybe the odd biscuit) but rather because it knows no malice, no hate. We don’t know these as babies either, we are taught these things.
It’s a sad development for the majority of human beings, that kindness and empathy are sometimes the second port of call when dealing with ourselves and others. We can change that though. We can learn to love and to give of that love in an open and honest manner, every bit as much as we changed from the purity we experienced as children.
It may take a bit of reflection and hard work, consciously trying to stay calm and serene under what may be very difficult circumstances, but if we can take anything from how a dog reacts to us, we can take the fact that we are warm, safe and have the ability to let our light shine outwards to encompass all we come in contact with.
Love heals but stress and holding on to hate will surely kill us. Perhaps not in the physical sense, though it has been proven negative thought and worry can shorten our lives, but emotionally we are doomed.

So love one another and do it with heart, honesty and without the hope of gain.
Do it with purity and I promise you that life will be that little bit easier for all concerned.

Did you read it all? You did? Who’s a good boy?

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Credit to the Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter, Inc.