A Boy and His Business

My fourth grade, 10-year-old son’s class has been challenged to create a business. My son, Cameron, decided that he wanted to have a business that would help others be kind and happy. That was his whole goal was to help others be happy and do kind things for them. His teacher asked him how he was going to make money and what he would charge. He stated he did not want to charge anything because happiness should be free. After talking with him at home, he decided that he would put out a tip jar for people to put money in when he has helped them. He then has plans to take half of his money, and put it right back into their classroom economy by giving it to students in his class that he sees doing kind things for other or making others happy. I am so proud of him and just love him to pieces. He has such a kind and loving heart. I have included a copy of his business logo, which is not finished yet because he wants to add color. After I shared the story with some family and friends, a family member said that I should share it with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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