Sep, 2016

Best Ways To Encourage Your Children To Be Kind To Others

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Best Ways To Encourage Your Children To Be Kind To Others

Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding life changes you will ever experience. Children are so precious, impressionable, and are so willing to learn new things in their young life. When raising children, we all want them to be loving and kind to others, but the only way they will be kind to others is if we teach them and encourage them along the way. So what are the best ways to encourage your children to be kind? Here’s an expert guide to help you understand the different ways you can encourage your children to be kind to others.

Best Practices For Raising Kind Children

  1. Show Them Kindnessblog-pic

Showing your children how to be kind is probably one of the best ways to encourage them to be kind as well. Work on promoting one small act of kindness a week. This can be anything from donating to charity, visiting the local hospital to cheer patients up, or paying for the next person’s coffee in line at your local café. It’s good to encourage your children to also start their own random acts of kindness by encouraging them to give away a toy to a child that’s less fortunate, or to a local charity baby store. This will teach them that there’s more to life than material objects.

  1. Encourage Sharing

As your children grow it’s important to promote sharing. Sharing is a great way to encourage your kids to be kind to others. As they grow they will learn that sharing their items will have more benefits than not sharing them. They will learn that by being kind and sharing they will have more fun and make new friends along the way.

  1. Teach Them To Be Thankful For Everything

In this day and age, many people don’t realise how to be thankful for even the small things in life. Teaching your children to be thankful for the smallest things is a great way to make them understand that while they may not have received much, it was all that the person could afford or give at that time. Because of this they need to be thankful that they received anything at all. To teach them to be thankful you simply say thank you to the people who do nice things for you. You encourage your children to also say thank you when they’re given something. As they grow they will learn to be very thankful for everything in life and in return will be kinder overall.

  1. Encourage Helping

Helping around the house or helping those in need is a great way to encourage your children to be kind to others. They don’t need to take on a large task to be helpful, instead give them small things to do to help you or others. This can be helping to put the glasses in the dishwasher, place some clothes in the washing machine, to helping out at the local homeless shelter or animal shelter (depending on their age). Encouraging your children to help out will help them to be a kinder person when they become adults.

  1. Teach Them Environmental Kindness

Being kind to others can come in many forms including being kind to the environment. Don’t be afraid to teach your children to recycle, plant trees or help animals in need. Remember we all live in this world and we should all do our part to help teach our children to look after it and be kind to it. By teaching children to be kind to animals and the environment, over time it will help to improve their kindness for the people around them.


Encouraging your children to be kind to others can be taught in a few different ways. By taking the time understand the best ways to encourage your children you have a better chance raising a loving and kind child. Are you encouraging your children to be kind?


Bio – Caroline Kastner

Caroline Kastner is a loving mother and wife to her family. She loves to teach other parents about how to encourage children to be better in life. She works as a blogger and loves to travel. In her spare time, she loves to go to the beach with her family and enjoys making the most out of life.

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One thought on “Best Ways To Encourage Your Children To Be Kind To Others

  1. Marko @ parentsupporthub.com

    Children will begin to act on their own kindness if it is encouraged early. Initially, they need guidance as being kind is a social skill that must be taught. Asking them to help a sibling with a toy or putting on their sweater then acknowledging and thanking them for their assistance are small ways to encourage kindness. Eventually, you will see them helping without being asked and it is still very important to acknowledge the deed. “Thank you so much for helping Chelsea with her sweater that was very kind of you.” You will see a glow of delight on their face at your positive acknowledgment of their behavior.

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