Why do people do bad things?

Right now we live in a world where women who breastfeed are being judged for their actions, where the next high school shooting is just around the corner, where war never ends, world wide poverty exists, and hundreds of thousand of refugees are fleeing their home of hatred and terror. We live in a world where suicide is rife, and bullying is still not seen for the catastrophic problem it really is.

It makes me wonder why people do bad things. As I sit here and really think about it, tears are streaming down my face. This is hard, this is so fucking hard. And yes, I’m a man, and we do cry too; it’s good for us. 🙂

I’m the founder of a social movement centered around kindness, where only good news is told, where we create social good. But right now I’m thinking about the bad and it really does hurt. Think about it. Does it hurt you? This shit isn’t just on the news. This, my friends, is real life, and it’s all around you.

Some people blame religion. One of the things I have with Suspended Coffees is huge engagement. Ever since the beginning, anytime I’ve mentioned religion, it’s often caused conflict and disagreement. It has created many arguments, and many people have asked me of my religion, which I’ve always said is kindness. Regardless of your faith, we welcome everyone who believes in our philosophy of kindness There are a lot of people in the world who believe in the power of kindness. Are you one of them? Answer me this, do you prefer people to be kind to you? Or do you prefer people to be nasty to you? If it’s the first one, keep reading, if it’s the second, ask yourself why…and also keep reading. 🙂

I don’t believe hate or religion are the cause of our problems. No one is born wanting to do bad. What happens that makes people this way? I think of a quote I heard – “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” But we don’t live our lives this way. Why don’t we light each other’s candle?

Right now I’m wondering if it’s a loss of identity. I say this for a lot of reasons. The most obvious to me is because I’ve asked thousands of people what makes them happy, actually scratch that, probably hundreds of thousands of people. You know what’s the same with all the answers? The things people love are what they don’t do enough of. They’re also the things that often don’t cost them a penny; they’re the REAL things, not the material things, or the things you think you love, but rather nature, family, kids, friends, moments, art, creativity, smiles, LOVE.

I say it loud because we’re afraid of it, yet we all crave it. So many people live the life they think they’re supposed to live. But they’re not actually following their heart. They’re not following their passion, and they become bitter and hateful because of it. When you live like this, it eats away at you over time, and you become resentful and cross. But it’s because of a deep rooted unhappiness. I know for a fact the last 3 people who have been unkind to me did so because they’re not happy. Something somewhere is wrong for you to want to be an asshole to another person.

I know for sure I don’t have all the answers, but I know some things. If you believe in kindness and bring it into your life, you will be changing your world in the best possible way.

Think about the people whose lives would be improved by more kindness. The homeless man. The single parent. The Married parent. Your best friend. The bullied kid. The bullied employee. You, me, and the whole wide world.

This October 22nd I’m launching a project that is going to bring kindness into so many people’s lives. I’m inviting the entire world to Go Kind for 24 hours. People are hosting Kindness Parties and embarking on Kindness Adventures. They’re sharing random acts of kindness all in our name.

Someone asked me two days ago what was the point, and I simply asked, “Whose life wouldn’t be improved with more kindness in it?”

Please join us for the most amazing virtual event you’ll ever attend. We’ve searched the globe for 24 real people to share their story on why kindness matters. Share using our hashtag #GenKind24 and tag the three kindest people you know, in support of raising awareness of the importance of kindness throughout the world.

24 speakers. 24 hours. How many lives will we touch?



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