12 Ways to be Kind to Others


Sometimes it’s hard to think of ways to be kind to others. Here are the first 12 in our GenKind24 series of 24 ways to be kind to others.





Offer to babysit for someone so they can have an

evening to themselves.




Handwrite a love letter to your friends telling

them what they mean to you.




Say, “I love you” to your friends. It’s important

for them to hear it. Those words heal the soul.




Let someone go ahead of you in the checkout lane.




Offer to pick up groceries for a new neighbor, a

new friend, or for anyone who just might need a break.




Forgive a friend who was being a jerk and didn’t

mean to hurt you. Everyone makes colossal

mistakes sometimes, and your forgiveness could

mean the world to them.




Ask someone how they’re doing and then genuinely

listen. Put your phone away first!




Make and freeze a meal for someone, for no

reason at all. Surprise them with it.





Load a parking meter for the next person, or pay the

toll for the person behind you.




Leave a flower or a note on a park bench, for a stranger.




Donate your child’s gently used toys to a local

hospital or shelter.




Take a treat in to your co-workers.



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