You guys say the nicest things!

Here are some comments we received recently that really made us smile:
  • Leslie S

    You give me hope in a world that sometimes forgets hope. Reading about the kindnesses others have done inspires me to find more ways to care, myself. Thank you for the wonderful stories and the inspiration!
  • Julie H

    I love the idea that someone else is enjoying a coffee just as much as I do. I love knowing that my suspended coffee is being enjoyed by someone who really wants it and can’t afford it . Suspended coffee is the best idea ever and let’s hope it can grow and move on to other things bigger and better things and I so want to be a part of it ….
  • Aileen S

    I Love the hope,the positive fellowship, and the giving of the knowledge that you don’t have to have a lot, to give a little, what seems little to you, could be the BIG something in someone’s day!!
  • Chris F

    I’ve been reading the daily Suspended Coffees stuff for almost a year now. I share many with my students and colleagues. Positivity and selfless actions CAN change the world!
  • Sally O

    So nice to find a page that just reports “good” news and that focuses on the positive human spirit and care for our fellow man. You should be a news channel !
  • Margie K

    Your stories fill me with hope and optimism as they remind me there are wonderful, caring individuals out there everywhere!
  • Sue C

    It inspires others to make strangers day brighter. To be a better person, and if we can get more to do this… Imagine the amazing ripple effect we could create across the world.
  • Janice C

    Suspended Coffees on a daily basis, stops me everyday and makes me think what I have done recently for someone else. I really enjoy reading what others have done from all over the globe.
  • Jane H

    Warms, tickles and uplifts my soul and reminds me that I too can make a difference, if only small…
  • Jeanne H

    It’s fresh air for our souls, and a reminder that it doesn’t need to be a “grand gesture” to be good.
  • Pip S

    When I feel overwhelmed by all the bad in the world it reminds me of the good
  • DesNeiges H

    You do put a Smile on my face with your thoughtful and thought provoking questions. Your unique, and your using just words no pictures! Thanks~
  • Charlotte B

    On days when it’s particularly rough and I’m trying to find kindness I come here to breathe………… the world is often a cold place but here you seem to have gathered empathy and compassion mixed with a dash of love
  • Dana C

    Every business should have this. People should take care of people.
  • Jennifer W

    Restoring my faith in people one post at a time. Keep up the good work.
  • Ida S

    This is my favorite page on facebook, I love it ♥ I wish the whole world was as kind 🙂
  • Samantha A

    This is such an uplifting page.  It gives me ideas and reminders how to be a more giving and compassionate person.
  • Raylene K

    Love this page! Restores my faith in humanity when the world seems like a cold and dark place. Keep up the good work. Xxx
  • Joyce M

    I LOVE this page and reading about good and caring people. It also gives me ideas (and makes me think) of ways to pay it forward even when life is busy!
  • Kathryn H

    I think Suspended Coffees is great. It is a gentle reminder to spread some kindness in our daily interactions. I love reading the stories, gives me hope for humanity!
  • Michelle H

    I’ve always made food donations to our local homeless charity in the UK but since I’ve been on your page it’s given me to confidence to buy someone who’s down on their luck a coffee and/or something to eat. Even yesterday on my way to the Jax airport we stopped at Dunkin Donuts. A gentlemen seated inside was clearly homeless. His clothes were torn and he need a good bath. I immediately offered him a coffee and something to eat. He accepted the coffee and was one of the most politest people I’ve had the pleasure of talking too. Thank you for sharing your page and raising awareness. We don’t have your SC system in our coffee shops but its a good idea. Thank you xx
  • Jennifer N

    In todays’ world of violence, angst, and hatred I love seeing the warmth, love and kindness found here. I’m so proud of humanity. All is not lost.
  • Dawn H

    I absolutely LOVE Suspended Coffees. I follow them here and on Twitter. They are an inspiration and a reminder that there is still good in this world. Keep up the good work!
  • Kathryn S

    At a time when everything online can seem to be about evil and mean spirited humans behaving badly, this page is an uplifting breath of fresh air! Thank you, Suspended Coffee!
  • Allison G

    I support this any way I can on FB as I don’t live near a coffee place- but the lifestyle of pay it forward and being genuinely kind to others lives in me- it makes me feel good to read it living in others as well❤️
  • Kriz A

    Hi John, LOVE what you do and the happiness you bring to everyone. Keep it up. (( ♥ ))
  • Rich S

    Another piece in the worldwide movement to make this world a little kinder. Bravo SC! You know what big fans we are 🙂
  • Shannon H

    Whenever I feel like I can’t go on, I come here and am reminded of how wonderful people really can be. My cup runneth over. (( ♥ ))

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