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10609086_10154511119450085_2018880320_nSpread some kindness and share coffee this Christmas

Show: The Sunday Business Show
Producer Myra Hayes met with John Sweeney who explained how a small gesture of buying an extra coffee for a stranger with your skinny latte can mean a huge amount.


bsrOzgDkQhGRKOVC7Era_9X6A3584Buy That Man A Coffee!
Cork: The Suspended Coffees movement, recognised all over the world, is the brainchild of John Sweeney, a construction worker from Cork. A humanitarian and pioneer for change, John was inspired to set up a Facebook page to spread the word about how a tradition from Naples, Italy could inspire kind acts around the entire world. The page went viral, and he now works full-time running the website and campaigning tirelessly. He needs funds to continue. A Crowd Funding page has been set up to raise much needed funds; he would like you to buy him a cup of coffee!

John’s ethos is born of kindness. He says ‘Kindness can come in many forms, including the purchase of a suspended coffee, which is the very idea which inspired this movement. A suspended coffee is the advance purchase of a cup of coffee for someone who needs it, regardless of the reasons why.’


10845898_10205494885358031_1617224383209438699_nWhy Thousands Are Saying ‘It’s About More Than the Coffee’
On the 27th of March 2013, I was stressed, unable to sleep, and worried about putting food on the table. The economic crisis had hit me hard, just like so many others around the world. I was an unemployed husband and father who had made it this far, through following the direction of others. Now I had responsibilities, no work, nobody to tell me how to make a change for the better and was terrified by the uncertainty. It was yet another night that I just couldn’t sleep.

It was then, at 2:30a.m., that I first read about a tradition born in the working class cafés of Naples, Italy, where people would advance purchase a coffee for someone in need.

suspended-coffeeYou need to read John Sweeney’s story.
There’s an old tradition in Naples, Italy called ‘Caffè Sospeso’ where someone who is pretty well off would buy a coffee and an extra cup which was suspended for someone less fortunate.

The cafe kept a log of the number of “suspended coffees” that had been bought and gave them out to people who couldn’t afford them; a simple but lovely idea.

We know it’s just a cup of coffee but it’s more than that, it’s the gesture that hits home with people and we love it.

That great tradition was the inspiration for Cork man John Sweeney’s Suspended Coffees Movement, which is now in operation in over 1,800 coffee shops in 20 countries in the world.

Screen-Shot-2014-10-28-at-1.56.00-PMWhy I Need to Help a Man I’ve Never Met
Once in a while, I think about an elderly man I saw only for a split second.

I was 18 and in a pizzeria with three friends in Manville, New Jersey, and he sat about four booths away from us. We passed him as we went to sit down. He was old and quiet. When I play the quick memory back, I give him a kind face, but truthfully I don’t remember what he looked like. He had an out-of-sight-ness about him that made him easy to miss.

Until, of course, he paid for our meal.

“It’s taken care of,” the cashier told us when we went up with our money. He pointed to the now empty booth. We had no one to thank.

kindnessThe Kindness Virus
Last week, I received a masterclass from one of the most remarkable human beings I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with.

That man was John Sweeney,, the Founder of Suspended Coffees: a fast-growing worldwide movement that has positively impacted hundreds of thousands of lives with random acts of kindness. A suspended coffee is the simple act of walking into a cafe and paying for a coffee for the next person who can’t afford it. But as John would say, it is about so much more than coffee. It is about the power of kindness and compassion.

John’s continuing stories of kindness had me close to tears on many occasions over the few days that I was with him. The compound effect of lots of small acts and their impact is truly breathtaking. READ MORE

coffeeCan Suspended Coffee Restore Your Faith In Humanity?
In its purest form, Suspended Coffees are about an act of anonymous kindness to a neighbor, a subtle way of bridging the gap between the haves and the have-nots. For those who receive the coffee, it’s more in the spirit of accepting a shared gift and less a request for a handout.

Coffee shops have adopted the program in different ways. Starbucks in the UK donates and matches proceeds through its charity program. Idaho Cafe in Cork was overrun with a glut of suspended coffees and ended up donating 1,600 euros to the local homeless shelter… READ MORE

banner81John Sweeney Set To Uncork Coffee Kindness The World Over.
Coffee is an invaluable pawn in our modern day social etiquettes, and now it is poised to be a symbol of man’s humanity to his fellow man, especially in times of need. A humanitarian ‘movement’ called Suspended Coffees has embraced a social nicety born from Naples prior to the First World War, and turned it into a rapidly growing 21st century global phenomenon.It’s an unlikely, but nonetheless, touching tale, of one man’s vision to make a hostile and often inhospitable world a friendlier more welcoming place… READ MORE

coffee2Raising Awareness For The Suspended Coffee Movement In Ireland
Corkman John Sweeney can be credited with raising awareness of the ‘suspended coffee’ movement in Ireland.

The movement allows you to pay for a ‘suspended coffee’ and then someone having a hard time can come and avail of a hot drink.

John made this video which shows exactly how much the movement is appreciated, he spoke to cafe owner Richard who was one of the first people to get involved with the movement.

At the beginning, there was a build-up of suspended coffees at Richard’s cafe which meant €1600 was given to a homeless shelter in Cork.

As Richard says in the video, “it’s about more than just coffee.” READ MORE

Suspended CoffeeIt’s About More Than The Coffee
A suspended coffee can be for anyone. It can be for the homeless man you pass every day on the street, a stressed student in the middle of exams, or a mom who needs a five minute break. It is not up to us to judge who is in need. If someone asks, then they are in need.

It helps remind us that no matter how alone you may feel, there is always someone somewhere who cares. Being alone is the scariest thing in the world, and our desire is to brighten those dark days of loneliness and fear. Yes, it’s just a cup of coffee, but it’s about more than the coffee! READ MORE

Fermoy Man’s Free Coffee Plan
“When you are down on your luck a little thing like a cup of coffee can mean the world and help rejuvenate one’s motivation again. Sometimes all it takes is one small human gesture to alter the course of a person’s life.
“I suppose the concept resonated with me because in the past I have found myself in situations where I have been freezing and broke and all I wanted in the world was a cup of coffee.
“There are always going to be cynics but I’m hoping this will help contribute to restoring at least one person’s faith in human nature.
John emphasised that the concept is not restricted to coffee. READ MORE

Caffeine-Based Acts Of Kindness
It’s not just the smaller shops that are taking part – coffee giant Starbucks recently signed up for the initiative.

Ian Cranna, vice-president of marketing at Starbucks UK told Marketing Magazine the campaign “will provide warmth and comfort for those looking for food or a hot cup of coffee.”

Will you be buying a suspended coffee for someone in need? READ MORE

UK Drinkers Donate Lattes
In a concept born in Naples, Italy, caffeine drinkers not only place their own regular order, they also request a second drink for someone who cannot afford to pay for their own.

The idea, which is not just aimed at helping the homeless but those who simply find themselves out of work and broke, for example, spread to Bulgaria and, thanks to the power of social networking sites, is beginning to take off in Britain and around the world. READ MORE

A Nice Hot Cup Of Goodwill
John Sweeney, a 28-year-old plumber from Cork, who set up the Suspended Coffees Facebook page, said “It’s not just an idea for the homeless. I’ve been in situations where I’ve been out of work, freezing, and would have loved nothing more than a cup of coffee, but couldn’t afford one.”

Other shops are expanding the idea to cover cookies and other food. The Facebook page has designed “Suspended Coffee Supporter” logos which shops can display on their doors.

A New Type Of Charity Comes To Cork via Facebook
Fermoy plumber John Sweeney decided to take the power of the Internet to the next level by creating a Facebook page dedicated to the original post of the story of suspended coffee and introducing it to Ireland.

Overnight this page had hundreds of followers and within a week over 30,000 people had shown their approval for the generous initiative. READ MORE

Where You Can Go To Buy A Suspended Coffee
In exactly a year, the movement’s Facebook page has reached more than 250,000 followers, and nearly 1,000 shops from 24 countries have officially signed up. Sweeney says he and volunteers are now working to make it an official nonprofit this year.

When he thinks about why he bothers doing any of this, he recalls a time when his kids were asking for ice cream in a shop, and he couldn’t afford it.

“The manager said, ‘Don’t worry about it,’ and paid for the ice cream,” Sweeney said. “It turned my whole day around. That’s what it’s all about. Turning someone’s day around.” READ MORE

Suspended Coffees On YouTube
A short movie about Suspended Coffees WATCH IT HERE