Suspended Coffees is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. We endeavour to spend the minimum.  However, like any organisation, we inevitably incur running costs such as maintaining the website, administration expenses, legal fees, and marketing.

Going forward we would also like to be in a position to improve the material we can give to participating cafés. There is no membership fee involved and currently the cafés cover all associated printing and publicity costs themselves. Supplying window stickers and other marketing material will help them raise the profile of Suspended Coffees even further.

So, you knew it was coming … this is the point where we ask you for money.

Any amount, even $1, is significant and appreciated. You can choose a one-time gift or check the box to donate monthly. Just click the PayPal link below to donate securely now.

Thank you for your support.


Suspended Coffees is a not for profit social enterprise. We are not a tax exempt organisation.